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ISO/IEC 20000 An Introduction ISO 20000 The History 2000: The worlds first standard for ITSM, was published: BS15000.

In Australia, it was called AS8018. 2002: A second part was added to the standard set, BS15000-2.

A formal certification scheme was also introduced. 2005: ISO 20000 itself was published, based almost entirely on BS15000.

ISO 20000 comprises of two documents: ISO 20000-1 and ISO 20000-2. ISO 20000 The Future This is a relatively new standard, but it is widely expected to have a hugely significant role in the future of IT governance.

For the following reasons: 1.? ISO 2000 supports lower level, longer established, methods EG ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma . 2.? The role of organizational certification cannot be overestimated. 3.? Existence of such an internationally recognized scheme will inevitably act as a driver, as organizations seek to differentiate themselves in the market.

ISO 20000’s future is almost guaranteed, and will be long term. What are the benefits of the ISO 20000 Certification §?? Organizations will become more competitive, reducing the risk, cost and time to market new products and services, whilst improving value for money and service quality.

Service providers will become more responsive, with services which are business-led rather than technology-driven.

Your IT service is more likely be chosen, or renewed over that of a competitor that does not demonstrate ISO/IEC 20000 certification.

The Result: providing both a competitive edge and demonstrating a visible commitment to managing the provision of IT services. §?? 1 §?? §?? It will provide enablers to visibly support the business strategy, with opportunities to improve the efficiency of services in all areas, impacting on costs and service. The ISO 20000 standard 2 parts: Part 1 = SHALL •? In order to get certification you need to show that you do ALL the things mentioned in this part •? This is prescriptive Part 2 = SHOULD •? This part is based on ‘best practice’ – when you are audited it is ‘recommend’ that you use this best practice to perform your IT Service Management processes •? You can receive certification, even if you don’t do all the things exactly like they are written in part 2. ISO 20000 Processes ISO/IEC 20000 Certification ý? ý? ý? þ? Can I be ITIL Certified? Can I Certify my Service Desk? Can I Certify my Product or Service? Can I Certify my Service Management Processes? ITIL vs.

ISO 20000 ITIL §?? §?? §?? §?? §?? ISO/IEC 20000 §?? §?? §?? §?? Method / Practice Descriptive processes It’s about processes and activities Doesn’t say how to manage the processes Service Lifecycle focus §?? Standard Prescriptive (Part 1) It’s about management control Separate section about Management system requirements Process control focus ISO 20000 Certification means we can prove we are deploying best practice, because an independent, external, evaluation against the whole formal standard has been carried out by an approved audit organization Governance — Full Partial Partial Partial Partial Full Education Options ITIL® Practitioner Cluster Course (EXIN) Service Quality Foundation Course (EXIN) •? •? •? •? Interest in Quality Standards IT Managers Quality Managers IT Professionals Service Quality Advanced Course •? •? •? •? For team members in IT Quality Projects Internal Auditors Consultants IT Managers ITIL® Foundation Certificate ITIL® Service Manager Course (EXIN) ISO 20000 Consultant Course (itSMF – UK) •? For team members in IT Quality Projects •? External Consultants •? •? ISO 20000 Auditor Course (itSMF – UK) External Auditors MUST have auditing Experience ISO 20000 – The Qualification IEC / O S I F M S t i e on i t Th a c i f i al u q 0 0 ly n o 200 e h is t e m e sch nd a g n i me e h train c s n o i t a / c i O f i S l I a l u a q fici f o o t g leadin 0 Service 00 0 2 C E I nt e m e g Mana tions.

A c i f i l a qu ISO / was IEC 20 0 on publis 00, 1 5 th hed Dec emb 200 5, a er now nd has r e plac BS 150 e 00.

D Exam details 2 Exams on the last day of the ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Course Exam: 1 hour Essay / 4 questions 1 hour Multiple choice / 25 questions PASS: Minimum of 50% for EACH exam and a minimum of 65% for the combined score

Read more about ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma :

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and  ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma

ITIL - ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma

ITIL and  ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma

ITIL - ITIL, Cobit and Six Sigma

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