ITIL Configuration Management

ITIL® Configuration Management

The ITIL® service support that acts as data center offers various services, which also includes ITIL® configuration management. ITIL® configuration management is a system that can be seen as simply as a single server and as complex as the whole IT department. In an ITIL® course, ITIL® configuration management is taught as one of the five processes in service support. Configuration management basically deals with hardware and software in the system.

There are five activities involved in configuration management. First, it forms a strategy to deal with it and selects the tools and resources for it. The second activity is of identification that covers relationship between the configuration items. The third step is of configuration control that provides appropriate controlling documentation. The fourth step is status accounting that reports the current as well historical data. The last step is verification and audit, which ensures that after auditing it is updated with correct information.


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