ITIL Customer Relationship Management

ITIL® Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management adopts those methodologies and strategies that can help an enterprise manage its customer relations. It introduces reliable systems and procedures to interact with its customers. To build this kind of successful and correct approach IT Infrastructure Library provides the right solutions. ITIL® offers practices that build a framework for customer relationship management.   

ITIL® customer relationship management is built on fundamentals of ITIL® service management. The service support in ITIL® processes works on the principle of providing customers with appropriate services. It acts as the main function of ITIL® customer relationship management. In this, a service desk is also formed where the customers can record their problems. A solution is then prepared using incident management. To build ITIL® customer relationship management in your organization you can take help from out team at The Art of Service. We are dedicated to providing ITIL® service, management training and consultancy.   

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