ITIL Education will never be the same again

ITIL® education will never be the same again

The team at The Art of Service is going through an exciting and fantastic time. Yesterday we had our pizza night to go over the new ITIL® education programs based on ITIL® V3 and boy does it look good!
The team members all have education backgrounds, education degrees and many years of experience in IT Service Management and this really shows in the ITIL® education materials they are creating.
As executive management team we were sitting there listening to them and observing what was happening and all we could say was: WOW!

Everything that The Art of Service has been offering in its ITIL® education programs can stay there as it fully supports and integrates with the new ITIL® V3 materials. And on top of this there is a whole range of new theory exercises, exam preparation material and practical assignments.

Our first ITIL® education program based on this material is scheduled for next week. It feels like a new beginning…

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