ITIL® Exams

ITIL® exams are conducted by two independent bodies, which are Examination Institute for Information Science (EXIN) and Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB). They organize the certification and ITIL® exams.

As these organizations do not organize any courses in ITIL® you can take these courses from a company dedicated to ITIL®. We are dedicated to ITIL® service, management training and consultancy, offering courses to help you prepare for the ITIL® exams organized by EXIM.

The aim of ITIL® exams is to provide you with the required information in IT and also provide guaranteed quality by testing your abilities and offering certification. By preparing for ITIL® exams you get international standard qualification that helps you deliver better results. The foundation, practitioner and service manager courses prepare you for ITIL® exams that are aimed for certification in ITIL®.

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