ITIL Foundation Certificate: The Basics

If you are working for a company whose major dealings involve anything and everything about information technology, then it will be beneficial for you to have an ITIL® Foundation certificate. ITIL® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and although it is not an industry standard, it is a set of process definitions used by IT companies around the world. Take a look at the following reasons why you need to have an ITIL® Foundation certificate to be a bonafide IT professional.

First, it helps to be ITIL® qualified because by studying for the certification, you will be more familiar with the best practices used in the IT service management industry and have a background of the ITIL® frameworks and guidelines. There are several levels of ITIL® certifications, including ITIL® Version 2 and ITIL® Version 3. Whether an IT company requires ITIL® certification or not, it will still present big career opportunities for you in the future if you pass the ITIL® certification exams. For the basic level of ITIL® Foundation certification, you will learn about the techniques, methods and processes involved with the deliver of service used by IT companies, as well as information on how they go about their support activities. With a higher level of ITIL® certification, you can use your ITIL® foundation principles, apply them to the needs of your own organization and think of ways on how they can be effectively implemented. With an ITIL® Foundation certificate, you can advance your knowledge of the ITIL® framework, develop them as you see suitable for your company’s needs, and lead the pact in the IT industry.

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