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Accessed July 23, 2009. [17] http:/ / [18] http:/ / watch?v=ssXbF4N6fx4 [19] http:/ / Intelligent device management 386 Intelligent device management Intelligent device management is a term used for enterprise software applications that allow equipment manufacturers to monitor and manage remote equipment, systems and products via the Internet.

Another term for intelligent device management is remote device management (RDM) while strategic service management describes the service.

IDM extends IT service management to on-site devices and can support standard service processes, such as Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration Management as defined by ITIL.

This technology is commonly used by ATM and self-service kiosk companies. External links • Machine 2 Enterprise [1] – Blog on Building Management Systems References [1] http:/ / International Material Data System IMDS – the International Material Data System, is a product of HP Enterprise Services, a division of Hewlett-Packard Co.. Introduction The International Material Data System (IMDS) is a collective, computer-based material data system used primarily by automotive OEMs to manage environmentally relevant aspects of the different parts used in vehicles.

It has been adopted as the global standard for reporting material content in the automotive industry.

The adoption of the IMDS relies above all on a legislative background such as: • Laws & Regulations on hazardous substances: OEMs must eliminate these substances from their products. • End-Of-Life Vehicles Directive (ELV): It forces car manufacturers to improve their recycling rates.

The IMDS was originally developed in response to the European ELV directive and is the result of a collaborative effort involving 7 OEMs, namely Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Opel, Porsche, VW and Volvo.

Since its establishment, OEMs throughout the world have joined the sponsor’s group supporting the system. Prohibited and/or Declarable Substances Lists The starting point of the system are the black and gray lists of prohibited and declarable substances.

These substances, when used in materials and components for the automotive industry, are of concern to human health, environmental safety and recycling.

Prohibited substances, like hexavalent chromium, are forbidden due to legal or internal regulations.

Declarable substances should not be construed to mean that the substance is prohibited from being used in a vehicle part, or is to be de-selected from use but that there is a requirement to know that the substance is in the part.

In the early days, most OEMs had their own list of prohibited and declarable substances which made it a challenge for suppliers far down the supply chain to report as they didn’t know where their product would appear.

The OEMs responded to the concern of the suppliers by harmonizing their requirements into one list, the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).

Some OEMs still have their own lists and most of the OEMs accepting the — 402 IssueNet IssueNet Original author(s) Elsinore Technologies Inc.

Stable release Operating system Platform Type Website 5.3 / June 2009 Microsoft Windows .NET issue management / issue tracking / incident management http:/ / IssueNet is an issue management software product utilized by organizations to track and manage issues within or across different business units.

Notable examples of such solutions include help desk ticketing, IT change management, software defect tracking, and organizational problem tracking; comparisons of similar products can be found at Comparison of issue tracking systems.

IssueNet was released in 2006 as a revamp of an existing product Visual Intercept that had been in the market since 1995.[1] In total the two product lines have been used by thousands of customers across 35 countries, in a range of industries.[2] Solutions IssueNet consists of four product solutions; each solution contains the base toolset of the IssueNet suite but is customized for the specific business needs of the identified solution.

The four solutions are Intercept, Assist, Oversight, and Asterisk.

Each solution maintains a core set of components for accessing and designing solutions such as workflow editors and form designers. • Intercept is a software bug and defect tracking solution.

The Intercept solution defines object classes such as a SoftwareDefect, SoftwareRequirement, SoftwareComponent, and HardwareComponent but allows users to define and customize their own as well.

Examples of default workflows include Review Software Issue, Fix Software Defect, and Implement Software Requirement.

Bug tracking system such as Intercept and others are often used in conjunction with Revision control systems such as Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, and Perforce to monitor code changes and relate them back to identified defects. • Assist offers a set of object classes and workflows for an external or internal Help desk system.

Examples of such classes include SupportTicket, CorporateCustomer, and CustomerContact.

Default workflows would include Resolve Support Request and Request Engineering. • Oversight offers a set of object classes and workflows for an IT change management system.

IT change management or Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL service support are common industry terms that outline the work done by IT managers and technicians to monitor regulatory compliance, IT governance, unauthorized changes, and asset management. • Asterisk is a customizable solution that could be utilized by a variety of organizations.

Easily customized solutions are often useful for organizations that don’t fall within the confines of other predefined products such as, bug and defect tracking or Help Desk for example.organizations or business units looking for an issue management solution for human resources, legal, or general feedback to management would find something like this useful. IssueNet 403 Product Modules • IssueNet Manager is a Windows Forms application that provides users access to the IssueNet software.

The application allows management of projects, folders, issues, tasks, and contacts. • IssueNet Administrator is a Windows Forms application that provides administrative access to the IssueNet software.

This would be used to manage user information, security, workflows, notifications, and reports. • IssueNet Architect is a Windows Forms application used by system integrators or developers within an organization.

The architect would provide designers capability to customize classes, forms, scripts, and workflows.

The architect has a simple user interface that requires no programming to create or customize solutions. • IssueNet Workspace is a set of plugins to various Microsoft applications.

Host applications include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft Project. • IssueNet Relay is an ASP.NET web application providing limited access to an IssueNet system.

Relay is geared towards external users that need to submit issues. • IssueNet Insight is an ASP.NET web application that provides a “dashboard”-like view of an IssueNet installation.

Insight is based on ASP.NET webparts which are the same programming constructs using in Windows SharePoint Services. Awards • Named one of the 75 fastest growing independent software vendors (ISVs) for Windows by Microsoft and CMP Media.[3] • North Carolina Technology Fast 50 “Acknowledging the fastest growing 50 technology companies in NC” Presented by Deloitte and Touche [4] • Microsoft Project Finalist “Business Value Challenge” 2003[5] • Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Award “Bug and Feature Tracking” 2006 [6] History Elsinore Technologies was founded in 1996 by August F.

Turak, Ray Allen and Mark Uland in 1996.

The first product, Visual Intercept was focused on software bug and defect tracking and evolved into several other solutions winning several awards.

The current product line IssueNet was launched in 2006 as a replacement and upgrade for the Virtual Intercept product line. External links — Supportworks Desktop Client Interface from version 7.3.11 Developer(s) Hornbill Systems Initial release 1994[1] Stable release 7.4.0 / May 21, 2010 Written in Platform Visual C++ (client) [2] and PHP (web interface) [3] Server: Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Rich-client: Windows XP and later Web-based clients: Multi-platform Multiple Languages Issue tracking system Proprietary [4] Available in Type License Website Supportworks is an issue tracking system designed for use in help desk and information technology (IT) environments.

Two branches of the software are developed concurrently, Supportworks ITSM, a certified Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compatible IT service management (ITSM) solution,[5] and Supportworks Helpdesk Professional.[3] Design Issues tracked in Supportworks are known as “calls.” Calls are classified using a hierarchical model known as “problem profiles.” This model enables a drill down method to classify calls with each level increasing specificity of the classification.

Supportworks groups analysts into “support groups.” Calls may be assigned to a support group, or to a specific analyst.[3] A call’s state at any given time is denoted by one of several different “condition codes,” each is expressed visually by a different color.[3] Black indicates a pending state (that work is in progress on the call) or that the call is “closed” (required work is completed).

Blue denotes a call that no one currently has responsibility for; that it has not been “assigned” to or “accepted” by an analyst.

Green colored calls are “on hold,” meaning further user input is required to complete the call and therefore “paused” for a specific amount of time.

Red is reserved for calls that are “off hold” or that require urgent attention.[1] Each Supportworks call is associated with a service level agreement (SLA).

A call’s SLA can be generated from its metadata, such as the customer, department, site, inventory item, or problem profile associated with the call.

Each SLA incorporates a “response time” and “fix time” related to the call.

Triggers are programed based on the response time and fix time to ensure the SLA is not violated.

For instance, if a call is approaching its fix time, but its issue has Supportworks not been resolved, a help desk manager can be notified, the call can be transferred to a different group, or the call’s condition code can be changed.[3] Supportworks provides a tool to track widespread incidents that may impact a variety of customers known as “issues.” Calls can be associated with an issue and closed en masse when an issue has been corrected.

Closing such an issue generates an email notification to all customers affected.

When an analyst opens the Supportworks client, they are presented with a “Supportworks Today” page displaying, among other things, a list of the current issues.[3] 531 Features Supportworks provides an integrated knowledge base application, e-mail integration through a shared mailbox, and the ability to populate a database of customers from external sources such as directory services using LDAP, query results from external databases, CSV files and Excel documents.[3] [5] The forms used to manage information in Supportworks can be customized with a graphical form designer tool.

Additional fields can be added to the Supportworks database to support such customizations when necessary.[3] Supportworks is packaged with a web-based self-service portal, allowing customers to create calls in the system using a web browser, without requiring assistance from an analyst.

When a customer creates a call through the self-service portal an email is generated with a reference number for the customer.

The reference number allows them to track the progress of their call through the portal.

Through this interface they are able to escalate their call, update their call, attach files to their call, and see which analyst is working on their call.[3] [5] Supportworks can work with or independently of a complementary Hornbill product, Assetworks.[3] Assetworks is an inventory control system and can be used to track any arbitrary set of items.

It contains a discovery feature, however, which allows it to auto-populate an inventory by auto-detecting devices connected to a computer network.[6] References [1] “Hornbill Systems: Support Works Helpdesk” (http:/ / 5o3uNGQvO). 1998-02-07.

Archived from the original (http:/ / web. web/ 19980207231730/ supwrks.

Htm) on 2010-03-07. .

Retrieved 2010-03-07. [2] “Support-Works Helpdesk Professional Version 4.51(5.0) Enhancements” (http:/ / 5o5nd7I9b). 2001-01-26.

Archived from the original (http:/ / web. web/ 20010216062104/ whitepapers/ wp_sw451.

Htm) on 2010-03-08. .

Retrieved 2010-03-08. [3] Black, Betsy; Larsson, E.

Axel (10-13 October 2004). “A Case Study: Implementing Supportworks Professional Helpdesk at Drew University” (http:/ / portal. citation.


SIGUCCS ’04: Proceedings of the 32nd annual ACM SIGUCCS conference on User services.

SIGUCCS ’04 (http:/ / Conference/ Fall2004/ ).

Baltimore, Maryland: ACM.

Pp. 26–29.

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International Journal of Information Management 29 (3): 237–243.

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Retrieved 2010-03-08. External links

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ITIL and ITIL : IDM extends IT service management to on site devices and….

ITIL - ITIL : IDM extends IT service management to on site devices and….

ITIL and ITIL : IDM extends IT service management to on site devices and….

ITIL - ITIL : IDM extends IT service management to on site devices and….

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