ITIL In Action: Service Delivery

The ITIL® v2 framework covers two IT Service Management Sets:  ITIL® Service Delivery and ITIL® Service Support.

ITIL® Service Delivery is a proactive approach to the business requirements of users through the proper analysis of existing infrastructure in order to predict future needs. It involves five other sub processes as follows: 

Service Level Management will continually align the IT services with the requirements of the business with the goal of creating and delivering a clear method of services expected versus actually delivered.

Capacity Management involves appropriately determining existing business IT infrastructure and predicting future needs in order to avoid bottlenecks that may hinder business development.

Financial Management for IT services will define the cost of availing the current and future service needs of the organization and ensures that expenditures are within the planned budget.

Availability Management assures that IT services are always online and ready when they are needed by the users and customers.

IT Service Continuity Management or contingency management will provide a framework for recovering from IT disruptions caused by human or natural disasters.

With ITIL® Service Delivery, users, customers and service providers can properly define the content, role and responsibilities of each party so that they can set expectations of the speed, quality and availability of the service.

ITIL® Service Delivery will work upon and improve on existing IT infrastructure for continuous improvement of service.  It is custom made to specifically meet the needs of businesses.  ITIL® Service Delivery clearly illustrates a responsible corporate behaviour in the use of the IT infrastructure in order to maximize profits and reduce unnecessary expenses.


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