ITIL® Incident Management aims to identify, process, resolve and restore IT services. This procedure is responsible for processing and getting Service Requests and supporting users in IT downtimes. In this process the users have regular intervals in incident status. ITIL® Incident Management is part of the ITIL® Support area.

The technology in Incident Management is more reactive than proactive because the process provides guidelines and procedures on already identified error incidents in order to restore them. The Incident Management is an immediate process. This procedure gives guidance on analytic procedures necessary to establish quick services.

The main focus of Incident Management is to prioritize incidents in terms of urgency and impact, detect and record the details of the event, matching it with known problems in order to track down the best solution, re-establish the services needed by the user or customer, and finally to escalate the event to other staff for the efficient and timely resolution of problems.

The goal of ITIL® Incident Management Technology is to minimize the damaging effects of service disruptions through swift restoration of normal service operations in accordance with the service level agreement.

The advantages of implementing this process are sustaining service levels promised to the user/customer by means of meeting the service accessibility needs.  ITIL® Incident Management technology will attempt to reduce or avoid service downtimes. This improves productivity and effectiveness of your staff through proper channeling and escalation of events.  This in turn will surely create satisfied and happy customers.


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