ITIL® Methodology

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a collection of best practices that have been developed over the course of time. There is no fixed formula but a general framework defining ITIL® methodology.

The purpose of ITIL® framework is to provide an effective level of computing services to the IT industry. Management of IT services has become very essential these days and there is an exhaustive structure determined for particular job.

A complete ITIL® methodology is divided in 7 broad categories that are further divided in sections popularly known as disciplines. Service Delivery, Service Support, Planning and Implement service Management, Security Management, Information and Communications Technology (ITC) Infrastructure Management, the Business Perspective and Application Management.

ITIL® methodology itself is amongst the many frameworks that are still in practice at many places. ITIL® is considered to be very flexible and it is the best when adapted according to the situation in the company.   

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