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Distance Learning Course PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT Achieving Critical Business Change through Programme Management! How to manage a Programme successfully Programme Management is a comparatively new technique, which can be defined as: the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects in order to achieve a set of business objectives (OGC).

The course, consisting of 9 lessons, is a.o.

methods based on the new Programme Management method called “Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)” of OGC (OGC also developed ITIL and PRINCE).

Course details This topical course on Programme Management consists of nine lessons, each of which will require approximately four to six hours of self study.

Please check for the next starting date, the date on which you will receive your first lesson.

Thereafter, you will receive a new lesson every two weeks.

All course participants receive a Certificate of Participation after they have completed the course.

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Personal assistance Should you have any questions about the lessons, please feel free to contact the authors directly or contact International Management Forum.

About the authors The authors have experienced the responsibility of making business changes occur by means of Programme Management.

They will explain their case studies, practices and techniques, as well as the classical pitfalls and critical success factors in Programme Management.

The authors are all leading experts in this field.

Target groups x Senior managers who are considering implementing a Programme Management approach x Newly appointed Programme Managers who may have a background in managing projects, but not in a multi-project environment x Business change managers, who require an understanding of the interface between benefit management and Programme Management x Project managers who are managing projects as part of a larger programme x Functional department managers whose staff may be seconded to programme work x Functional staff and project team members who would benefit from a better understanding of the programme environment Costs The fee for the distance learning course on Programme Management amounts to USD 2,430.00 (exclusive of sales tax) per participant.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to check out all the key factors associated with directing and controlling successful programmes, and register today! Why a distance learning course? Distance learning courses have many advantages.

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