ITIL Microsoft

ITIL® Microsoft

It is a matter of reliability that Microsoft strongly believes that the best body of knowledge of the best practice is none other than ITIL®. This is the reason that Microsoft selected ITIL® as the foundation for the latest MOF framework. You will be delighted to know that Microsoft and IBM are the co-authors of the latest version of Application Management book.

ITIL® Microsoft was never thought to exist together but today they are very much functional together. ITIL® is targeted at managing Microsoft technologies and the outcome is regarded as MOF. MOF was designed to use the ideas that are already established as effective actions. It is also used to provide an extensible foundation for operation knowledge.

Following the example of ITIL® Microsoft, more companies are realizing the worth of ITIL®. More and more IT companies are switching to ITIL® processes and applications, replacing the old and outdated framework.

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