ITIL® and OGC are two names that have been most discussed. It is because one is the founder and the other is the product. OGC (Office of Government Commerce) realized in the 1980’s that technical input and output alone will not determine progress and success in later years. Therefore it proposed a standard framework for delivering consistent services within and outside the IT industry at profitable cost. This was termed as ITIL®.

OGC, earlier known as CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency) aimed at including Service Management to the IT industry that will make it more organized and effective. It worked to such an extent that ITIL® became the most basic framework for many companies.

Tie-up with accreditation agencies like ISEB and EXIN has increased the authenticity of ITIL® and related applications. ITIL® OGC has the copyright for all the issues related to ITIL®.

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