ITIL Overview : 167927760 H 5 L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….

ITILITIL Overview : 167927760 H 5 L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….

Table of Contents TOC \O “1-2” \H \Z \U \L “167927760” Start Here. 167927760 \H 5 \L “167927761” Concepts of ITIL 167927761 \H 5 \L “167927762” ITIL Service Management Courses 167927762 \H 7 \L “167927763” IT Service Management 167927763 \H 8 \L “167927764” Introduction to IT Service Management Practices 167927764 \H 8 \L “167927765” ITIL Service Management 167927765 \H 10 \L “167927766” Processes 167927766 \H 11 \L “167927767” Processes, Services and Functions 167927767 \H 12 \L “167927768” ITIL Overview 167927768 \H 14 \L “167927769” Benefits of Adopting ITIL 167927769 \H 15 \L “167927770” Implementing ITIL Service Management Practices 167927770 \H 19 \L “167927771” IT Service Management Tools 167927771 \H 22 \L “167927772” ITIL Service Management Practices and Vendors 167927772 \H 23 \L “167927773” Core of Practice: 167927773 \H 24 \L “167927774” Service Strategy 167927774 \H 27 \L “167927775” Purpose 167927775 \H 27 \L “167927776” Principles 167927776 \H 27 \L “167927777” Main Activities 167927777 \H 27 \L “167927778” Service Strategy Process: Financial Management for IT Services 167927778 \H 28 \L “167927779” Service Strategy Practice: Demand Management 167927779 \H 29 \L “167927780” Service Strategy Practice: Service Portfolio Management 167927780 \H 30 \L “167927781” Service Design 167927781 \H 31 \L “167927782” Purpose: 167927782 \H 31 \L “167927783” Principles: 167927783 \H 31 — Interdependence of independent persons Accessibility of information This leads to a culture of: No boundaries, but interconnections Customer focused: what is the added value? Steering activities instead of steering people Communication because it is useful (fulfilling the needs of the customer) Decision making is matching & customising IT service provision is a process ITIL Overview ITIL has undergone some intensive changes.

Notably, the title of the framework itself has been changed.

Once called the IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL is now known as ITIL Service Management Practices. So, what’s in a name? The name change is a reflection of ITIL’s evolution, from an operationally focused set of processes to a mature service management set of practice guidance. In fact, ITIL’s entire vision is a holistic, value based, business focused service practice for today and tomorrow’s service management professionals. ITIL is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management.

Used by many hundreds of organizations around the world, a whole ITIL philosophy has grown up around the guidance contained within the ITIL books and the supporting professional qualification scheme. ??ITIL consists of a series of books giving guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the accommodation and environmental facilities needed to support IT.

ITIL has been developed in recognition of organizations’ growing dependency on IT and embodies best practices for IT Service Management.??The ethos behind the development of ITIL is the recognition that organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in order to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs.

This leads to an increased requirement for high quality IT services.??ITIL provides the foundation for quality IT Service Management.

The widespread adoption of the ITIL guidance has encouraged organizations worldwide, both commercial and non-proprietary, to develop supporting products as part of a shared ‘ITIL Philosophy’.??There is a wide range of products and services available.

At the heart of ITIL and commercially independent are: ITIL Publications The qualification scheme itSMF, the not-for-profit and independent group of users and vendors Commercial companies provide consultancy, software tools and training. ITIL is a non-proprietary approach for managing IT services, developed in the 1980s by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the United Kingdom.

Now considered the de facto standard for managing a business focused, cost effective IT organization, the ITIL framework was recently redesigned from a process-led approach to a service lifecycle approach.

This end-to-end view of how IT should be integrated with business strategy is at the heart of ITIL v3’s five core volumes:

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and ITIL Overview :  167927760 H 5  L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….
ITIL - ITIL Overview : 167927760 H 5 L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….
ITIL and ITIL Overview :  167927760 H 5  L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….
ITIL - ITIL Overview : 167927760 H 5 L 167927761 Concepts of ITIL….

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