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RPR Problem Diagnosis Run Book Automation Selerant Sensemaking Service Catalog Service Desk (ITSM) Service Integration Maturity Model Service level agreement Service level requirement Service Measurement Index SFIAPlus Shadow system SigmaQuest Skills Framework for the Information Age 542 547 548 549 551 556 558 559 562 565 568 569 571 572 580 581 585 585 588 588 590 596 601 602 603 605 606 607 611 612 613 614 617 618 619 621 624 625 SmoothIT project SMPI Socitm Software Asset Management Software factory Spam (electronic) Spam Lit Speech analytics Spreadmart Strategic enterprise management Customer support Sysload Software Technology management Telematics Test effort The UK Government’s Knowledge Network Programme Ubiquitous city UC4 Unstructured data User account policy Virtual chargeback Virtual filing cabinet Virtual management Virtual team Visual CMDB Visual learning Web commerce Web operations Website promotion X12 EDIFACT Mapping Xinet XML/EDIFACT 629 633 634 634 636 637 649 650 652 653 654 655 656 657 665 667 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 678 685 686 689 690 691 691 694 695 — IT Service Management Forum 440 IT Service Management Forum The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) is an independent and internationally-recognised forum for IT Service Management professionals worldwide.

This not-for-profit organisation is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management “best practice”, standards and qualifications and has been since 1991.

As businesses come to depend more on technology to promote and deliver their products to market, the benefits of adopting “best practice” IT Service Management and of becoming part of organisations such as the IT Service Management Forum are becoming more widely recognised.

The itSMF provides an accessible network of industry experts, information sources and events to help address IT service management issues and help achieve the delivery of high quality, consistent IT service internally and externally through the adoption of “best practice”.

Globally, the itSMF has over 5000 member companies, blue chip and public sector alike, covering in excess of 70,000 individuals spread over 53+ international Chapters.

Each chapter is a separate legal entity and is largely autonomous.

There is a separate International entity that provides an overall steering and support function to existing and emerging chapters.

It has its own website at .

The itSMF is concerned with promoting ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library), Best Practice in IT Service Management and has a strong interest in the International ISO/IEC 20000 standard).

The itSMF publishes books covering various aspects of Service Management through a process of endorsing them as part of the itSMF Library. External links • ITSMF International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • itSMF Australia Chapter itSMF Belgium Chapter itSMF Croatian Chapter itSMF Czech Republic itSMF Toronto, Canada Chapter itSMF Gulf Chapter ITSMF India Ipanema Technologies, ITSMF member itSMF Japan Chapter itSMF Kenya Chapter itSMF Norway, Norwegian Chapter ITSMF NL Chapter ORSYP consulting, ITSMF member ITSMF Polish Chapter itSMF Russian Chapter itSMF Swedish Chapter itSMF Thailand Chapter itSMF USA Chapter ITSMF UK Chapter ITIL Planning to implement service management 441 ITIL Planning to implement service management The planning to implement service management is a set in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

This set is about the alignment of business needs and IT provision requirements.

Besides, this set describes how to implement or improve IT Service Management within an organization and it describes steps to ensure that business needs and IT provision requirements will be met.

Furthermore, the planning to implement service management set is mainly focused on the service management processes, but also generically applicable to other ITIL sets.

An approach to implement or improve service management is the Continuous Service Improvement Programme (CSIP).

A CSIP is defined as: “an ongoing formal programme undertaken within an organization to identify and introduce measurable improvements within a specified work area or work process.” OGC_book All the activities within a CSIP regarding one single improvement can be visualized generically by using the meta-modeling technique.

This results in a process-data diagram (figure 1), which does not describe the continuous improvement activity of the programme.

The process-data diagram shows the relationship between processes and artifacts and this diagram consists of two integrated diagrams.

The left-hand side of the process-data diagram describes the activities (processes) and is based on the UML activity diagram.

The right-hand side describes the data (artifacts) and is based on the UML class diagram.

Meta_modeling The table of concepts and the activity description regarding the process-data diagram can be found in the paragraph Process-data diagram descriptions.

The process-data diagram shows the following activities: • • • • • create vision analyze organization set goals implement IT service management measure goals First, a vision has to be created and the IT and business strategies should be aligned.

The second step consists of analyzing the organization and its current position.

In this step an answer has to be found on the question ‘where are we now?’ The following step is about setting goals and priorities regarding the improvement process.

The fourth step is the improvement of the service provision itself and during the fifth and final step the improvement will be measured to examine whether the goals have been met. ITIL Planning to implement service management 442 The planning to implement service management set Every activity in the planning to implement service management set, as depicted in figure 1, will be further explained. Create vision As figure 1 shows, the first step that needs to be taken in the process is creating a vision statement for a CSIP.

The vision statement describes the aim and purpose of the CSIP on a high level and should align the different strategies of business and IT.

Additionally, the vision statement should be well communicated to the stakeholder, to create commitment and buy-in for the CSIP. Figure 1: process-data diagram Analyze organization After having created a vision an IT organization should analyze itself, wherein the question ‘where are we now?’ has to be answered.

A useful technique to determine the current position is the IT organization growth model.

This model determines the maturity level of the IT organization and is based on the Process Maturity Framework (PMF), as well as on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

The maturity of the organization will be determined in terms of vision and strategy, steering, processes, people, technology and culture.

It is also required to understand who the stakeholders are, because stakeholders have an impact on the CSIP.

This can be achieved by defining, identifying and mapping the stakeholders.

Additionally, the specific needs of the stakeholders have to be identified and this can result in a stakeholder assessment report.

The third step of the organizational analysis in figure 1, consists of assessing the current report and measurement system.

Knowing the current way of using and producing reports, facts and figures gives insight in how well the organization is steered, but it also provides information about the next activity ‘set goals’.

The last step in analyzing the organization is conducting benchmarks.

A benchmark is a useful management technique to improve performance.

In a benchmark different parts of the organization can be compared, like units or processes.

But also organizations as a whole can be compared in a benchmark.

It is important to determine whether a service management process should be benchmarked or not.

A focus on the relevant service management processes is essential.

The results of the benchmarks can result in the identification of gaps. ITIL Planning to implement service management 443 Set goals The next activity in the CSIP is about the agreement between business and IT regarding the required and expected future roles and characteristics of the organization, which are based on the current maturity of the organization.

The first step that needs to be taken is the creation of a business case to describe the added value and the justification of the CSIP.

The business case is determined by the current maturity of the organization and the organizational strategy.

A stakeholder assessment, conducted in the previous activity, can also be a contribution to the focus on the results and the aim of the improvement programme.

Furthermore, risks should be identified and managed.

An approach to risk management should be applied during the CSIP.

Mainly the risks related to the business vision, existing processes and the environment and business constraints should be managed to reduce the effects of those risks.

After having created a business case, a gap assessment report should be completed.

A gap assessment report is used to compare the current state with the future state of the organization and this results in gaps to overcome (‘where do we want to be’).

It provides information about gaps, risks and the prioritization on where to start.

Once a gap assessment report has been completed, there is a need for understanding and clarity.

That means that the problems and the following steps have to be presented to the key stakeholders, to establish creditability for the assessment and support concerning the change.

The following step is the creation of a plan for quick wins.

A quick win is an early success during an improvement programme.

In the plan for quick wins short term wins should be identified and attained to keep the improvement programme running and to keep the commitment level high during the improvement programme.

The last step is setting the goals regarding the improvement programme in relation to the earlier defined stakeholder needs.

A management tool for setting goals and measuring performance is the balanced scorecard. Implement IT service management The first thing to consider regarding implementing or improving service management is finding an answer on where to start (‘which service management process?’).

Before identifying a process that need to be improved, the first condition that needs to be fulfilled is that the organization should have documented its current and desired state, which includes a completed gap assessment report. ‘Where to start’ also depends on the level of maturity and the strategic goals of the organization.

Besides these dependencies, it is important to understand the interrelationships between all the IT Service Management processes.

Another aspect which should be taken into consideration during the improvement programme is creating awareness of the change.

This can be done by making a communication plan, which will give an explanation about the IT policy to the stakeholders.

The next thing to consider is how the changes are going to be achieved.

Achieving changes requires a reliable change programme.

To prevent a CSIP from missing its intended goals the OGC recommends [1] the approach from J.P.

Kotter, called: ‘Eight steps to transforming your organisation’ in combination with project management such as PRINCE2.

The main reason for using this approach in combination with regular project management, is that this approach also takes the softer sides of change into account like resistance to change and creating commitment.


Kotter studied more than 100 companies with regard to their transformations in the past years.

This has resulted in eight main reasons why transformations succeed.

The duration of the studied transformations was quite long, about six to eight years.Transformation_fail The eight main reasons why transformations succeed are transformed into eight steps. 1.

Creating a sense of urgency 2.

Forming a guiding coalition 3.

Creating a vision 4.

Communicating the vision ITIL Planning to implement service management 5. 6. 7. 8. ‘Empowering’ to act on the vision Planning for and creating quick wins Consolidating improvements and producing more change Institutionalizing the change 444 These eight steps can be applied equally to a service management improvement programme.

The culture of the organization is a main issue to be taken into account during organizational change, because organizational change could support an implementation, and it can as well lead to resistance.

For that reason the organizational culture should be managed in order to avoid problems like resistance.

A critical success factor for a CSIP is the clear definition of accountability, roles and responsibility in relation to the new processes and the existing organizational structure.

New processes and working practices do often not fit within the existing organizational structure, because processes are often cross functional.

In other words, processes may run through the whole organization.

In this way new processes and working practices may introduce new roles, which may overlap the existing organizational structure.

The last aspect that has to be taken into account regarding the implementation of IT service management is training.

Training can contribute to a higher quality of service management and it can also lead to more productive and responsive employees.

Before setting up a training programme, questions like who to train, when to train, how to train and what to train should be answered.

For ITIL training see: ITIL Certification. Measure goals After the completion of each improvement process a Post Implementation Review (PIR) should be conducted to indicate if the objectives have been achieved.

This can be done by making a comparison between the achievement of the improvement and the goals earlier set in the programme.

When the results of the PIR are confirmed, new targets regarding improvement should be defined.During the improvement programme the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are earlier created during setting the goals as a part of the balanced scorecard, are needed to be constantly monitored to confirm the PIR.

Also, the improvement of the customers perception (customer KPIs) during the CSIP needs to be surveyed.

This can be done by conducting a regular statistical survey regarding customer satisfaction, also called a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). Process-data diagram descriptions Table of concepts Concept Assessment Balanced Scorecard Definition The classification of someone or something with respect to its worth. [6] An aid to organizational Performance management.

It helps to focus, not only on the financial targets but also on the internal processes, customers, and learning and growth issues. [1] A report that contains a comparison of performance between different organizations or between different units within an organization. [1] Information that describes the justification for setting up and continuing a PRINCE2 project.

It provides the reasons (and answers the question ‘Why?’) for the project.

It is updated at key points throughout the project. [7] A plan that describes how the IT policy will be explained to the stakeholders and as a result of this, it will create awareness in the organization. [1] The addition, modification or removal of the whole of the ideas, corporate values, beliefs, practices, expectations about behavior and daily customs that are shared by the employees in an organization. [1] Benchmark report Business case Communication plan Cultural change ITIL Planning to implement service management 445 Decision document A document which gives an answer on the question ‘Where should I start’ and depends on the completeness of the assessments conducted in the previous steps, like determining the maturity level of the organization, service processes and strategic goals. [1] A change management model, consisting of eight steps. [9] Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking or other assessments.

Once we understand what is the general expectation of performance in industry, we can then compare that with current capabilities, and this becomes the gap analysis. [10] The state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it. [5] A model that determines the current maturity of the IT organization in terms of vision and strategy, steering, processes, people, technology and culture. [1] The active employment of particular sets of measurement recommendations. [3] Measurable element of a service process or function. [1] Organizational change has two dimensions.

The first, OC involves a transformation of organizations between two points in time.

The second dimensions concerns the way the transformation occurs. [8] Responsibilities, authorities and relations organized in such a way as to enable the organization to perform its functions. [11] One or more reviews held after project closure to determine if the expected benefits have been obtained. [7] Eight step model Gap assessment report Goal IT Organizational growth model Measurement framework Metric Organizational change Organizational structure — Risk management Service improvement SM (service management) vision statement Stakeholder assessment Stakeholder goal Strategy Training programme Table 1: table of concepts with definitions References of table of concepts 1.

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Retrieved March 10, 2006 from University of Zagreb Website: 446 Activity description Activity Create vision Sub-activity Description Creating a VISION STATEMENT for service management which fits with the organization STRATEGY.

Evaluate current position Evaluating the current position can be done by assessing the , IT ORGANIZATION GROWTH MODEL.

This gives an indication of the maturity of the organization.

Assess stakeholders Defining and analyzing the stakeholders and their needs, which results in a STAKEHOLDER ASSESSMENT.

Assessing the current report and measure system results in a MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK. Analyze organization Assess current report and measure system Conduct benchmark Benchmarking results in a few BENCHMARKS, which can be used as a steering instrument and can be categorised in four categories, which are not further explained.

The IT ORGANIZATION GROWTH MODEL and STRATEGY determine the BUSINESS CASE (current position) which describes not only measurable targets, but also the costs, effort, benefits sense of urgency etc.

Managing risks results the artifact RISKMANAGEMENT, which is required by the BUSINESS CASE.

BENCHMARKS lead to the analyses of gaps to determine the start.

This activity results in a GAP ASSESSMENT REPORT.

A PLAN OF QUICK WINS is based on the GAP ASSESSMENT REPORT and is needed to convince the stakeholders of the changes/implementation.

Results in STAKEHOLDER GOALS, which is a generalization of GOAL Set goals Create business case Manage risks Conduct gap analysis Create plan for quick wins Set stakeholder goals ITIL Planning to implement service management 447 Implement ITSM Select starting point Selecting a starting point can be done by creating a DECISION DOCUMENT, which initiates ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE.

The decision to start the implementation is based on the completeness of the previous activities see: Non-described rule Adapt results previous activities Create awareness Awareness can be achieved by creating a COMMUNICATION PLAN that supports ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Managing org.

Change results in ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE and can be done by using the EIGHT STEPS MODEL combined with PROJECT MANAGEMENT Managing cult.

Change results in the artifact CULTURAL CHANGE and is required by ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE.

CULTURAL CHANGE encloses the soft side of the CHANGE.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE involves the ORGANISATION STRUCTURE, which may change aspects like authority, tasks, functions, roles etc.


Which training is needed, depends on the change.

This activity results in a POST IMPLEMENT.

REVIEW, which includes a comparison of the set and achieved goals/targets Manage organizational change Manage cultural change — Measure goals Table 2: description of activities and sub-activities Non-described rule • This activity will be started if no starting point can be selected.

In that situation, this activity will result in an adaptation of the already delivered incomplete products, such as a gap assessment report. References 1.

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Planning to Implement Service Management.

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Why transformation efforts fail.

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Proceedings 13 European conference on information systems (ECIS 2005), Regensburg, Germany. External links • • • • • • The OGC website [6] IT Service Management Forum [1] The ITIL definition site [2] The ITIL Forum [3] The OGC successful delivery toolkit [4] OGC get best practice [5] ITIL Planning to implement service management 448 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.


Com/ http:/ / www.



Uk/ http:/ / www.


Com http:/ / www.



Uk/ sdtoolkit/ deliveryteam/ briefings/ ITIL/ index.

Html http:/ / www.



Uk ITIL security management The ITIL security management process describes the structured fitting of security in the management organization.

ITIL security management is based on the ISO 27001 standard.

According to ISO.ORG [1] “ISO/IEC 27001:2005 covers all types of organizations (EG

Commercial enterprises, government agencies, not-for profit organizations).

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System within the context of the organization’s overall business risks.

It specifies requirements for the implementation of security controls customized to the needs of individual organizations or parts thereof.

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets and give confidence to interested parties.” A basic concept of security management is the information security.

The primary goal of information security is to guarantee safety of information.

When protecting information it is the value of the information that has to be protected.

These values are stipulated by the confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Inferred aspects are privacy, anonymity and verifiability.

The goal of the Security Management is split up in two parts: 1.

The realization of the security requirements defined in the service level agreement (SLA) and other external requirements which are specified in underpinning contracts, legislation and possible internal or external imposed policies. 2.

The realization of a basic level of security.

This is necessary to guarantee the continuity of the management organization.

This is also necessary in order to reach a simplified service-level management for the information security, as it happens to be easier to manage a limited number of SLAs as it is to manage a large number of SLAs.

The input of the security management process is formed by the SLAs with the specified security requirements, legislation documents (if applicable) and other (external) underpinning contracts.

These requirements can also act as key performance indicators (KPIs) which can be used for the process management and for the justification of the results of the security management process.

The output gives justification information to the realization of the SLAs and a report with deviations from the requirements.

The security management process has relations with almost all other ITIL-processes.

However, in this particular section the most obvious relations will be the relations to the service level management process, the incident management process and the Change Management process. ITIL security management 449 The security management process The security management process consists of activities that are carried out by the security management itself or activities that are controlled by the security management.

Because organizations and their information systems constantly change, the activities within the security management process must be revised continuously, in order to stay up-to-date and effective.

Security management is a continuous process and it can be compared to the Quality Circle of Deming (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

The inputs are the requirements which are formed by the clients.

The requirements are translated into security services, security quality that needs to be provided in the security section of the service level agreements.

As you can see in the picture there are arrows going both ways; from the client to the SLA; from the SLA to the client and from the SLA to the plan sub-process; from the plan sub-process to the SLA.

This means that both the client and the plan sub-process have inputs in the SLA and the SLA is an input for both the client and the process.

The provider then develops the security plans for his/hers organization.

These security plans contain the security policies and the operational level agreements.

The security plans (Plan) are then implemented (Do) and the implementation is then evaluated (Check).

After the evaluation then both the plans and the implementation of the plan are maintained (Act).

The activities, results/products and the process are documented.

External reports are written and sent to the clients.

The clients are then able to adapt their requirements based on the information received through the reports.

Furthermore, the service provider can adjust their plan or the implementation based on their findings in order to satisfy all the requirements stated in the SLA (including new requirements). — SteinbDJ, Stephen Bain, Stev0, Stevietheman, Stevo1234567890, Suffusion of Yellow, Suisse2007, Superblu, Superworms, Suptegrove, SusanLesch, Svetovid, Swatjester, SyedHasan.Mahmood82, Syedhasanmahmood, THEN WHO WAS PHONE?, TTGL, Takumi22, Talking image, Tallac20, Teapotgeorge, Tech8000, Technopat, Teles, Tempshill, Teo64x, The Haunted Angel, The Rambling Man, The Thing That Should Not Be, The undertow, TheKMan, TheWeakWilled, Thegn, Thejeansdroop, Themfromspace, Theodolite, Thesecret16, Thingg, Think outside the box, ThinkEnemies, Thinkbeta, Thomas Larsen, Thunderwing, Thw1309, Timtamtoboot, Tintenfischlein, Tiptoety, Tomnap, Tormah hetah, Totus 11, Toytoy, Tr10d, Trevorb19067, Trialsanderrors, Trusilver, Ttonyb1, Turnkey Websites, Tylerdjefferson, U.S.A.U.S.A.U.S.A., Ukfashionhouse1, Uncle G, 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Random, Mwanner, Nickg, Nsaa, Ntalamai, Otrfan, Pansearch, Pete maloney, Pvosta, RDailey79, RHaworth, Ramdrake, RichardVeryard, RoyalBlueStuey, Saulinpa, Sepersann, Shigdon, Sigge2, Speedophile, Stifle, SunSw0rd, SuperHamster, Tanometal, Team4Technologies, Thu, Timhodgson, Tomgolden, Versus22, Vince.meulle, Waggers, Wayne Slam, West London Dweller, Wmahan, Xetxo, Ykanada, Zelmerszoetrop, Zhenqinli, 340 anonymous edits Service level requirement  Source:  Contributors: Bearcat, Herostratus, Katharineamy, LilHelpa, Malcolma, R’n’B, Ruchirda85, 1 anonymous edits Service Measurement Index  Source:  Contributors: B J Hughes, Malcolma, Paulmcdonald, R’n’B, 8 anonymous edits SFIAPlus  Source:  Contributors: BD2412, Greyskinnedboy, Kirk Hilliard, Rcawsey, WikHead, 7 anonymous edits

Read more about ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management : 82 84 85 88 93 97 98 105 107 108….:

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management : 82 84 85 88 93 97 98 105 107 108….

ITIL - ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management : 82 84 85 88 93 97 98 105 107 108….

ITIL and ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management : 82 84 85 88 93 97 98 105 107 108….

ITIL - ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management : 82 84 85 88 93 97 98 105 107 108….

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