ITIL® Qualifications

ITIL® Service Management is one sector that has reached a remarkable height and entails promising careers. More and more people are entering into this field with relevant ITIL® qualifications.

It is true that you need to be hard-working and with a good organizational skill but without ITIL® qualifications, you may not be that successful. OGC (Office of Government Commerce) conducts ITIL® qualifying exams at three levels that are meant for different categories of professionals.

Entry level
In the race for ITIL® qualifications, a foundation certificate will mark your effective entry in IT Service Management field.

This is the stage where you try to reach the top and want to improve your performance. A practitioner certificate will help you to enhance your career growth potential.

Top level
This is the stage when further developments are made in Service Management. The professional reaches a new height with the Manager’s certificate.


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