ITIL® Qualifications

ITIL® Service Management is one sector that has reached a remarkable height and entails promising careers. More and more people are entering into this field with relevant ITIL® qualifications.

It is true that you need to be hard-working and with a good organizational skill but without ITIL® qualifications, you may not be that successful. OGC (Office of Government Commerce) conducts ITIL® qualifying exams at three levels that are meant for different categories of professionals.

Entry level
In the race for ITIL® qualifications, a foundation certificate will mark your effective entry in IT Service Management field.

This is the stage where you try to reach the top and want to improve your performance. A practitioner certificate will help you to enhance your career growth potential.

Top level
This is the stage when further developments are made in Service Management. The professional reaches a new height with the Manager’s certificate.


ITIL® Questions

When you go for ITIL® examinations at any level, you should be aware of the ITIL® questions, their pattern and structure. This can be done because the examinations are held at an international level under fixed guidelines.

ITIL® questions at foundation level exam
There will be 40 multiple choice questions confined to a general overview of the ITIL® framework, processes and general application. There will be four options with one correct answer. A score of more than 65 percent will be enough to pass this exam.

ITIL® questions at practitioner’s level
There is a difference in the level of ITIL® questions as they are related to case studies where you will have to apply theories. More in-depth knowledge is required in this case.

ITIL® questions at manager’s level
The questions will be very tough as this level is for absolute professionals. The two day exam (one for service support and another for service delivery) will test your skill in converting theories into applications.  

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