An individual who can present an ITIL® certificate demonstrates his seriousness in dealing with and resolving service management issues.  ITIL® is the most adopted service management best practice today.  Although the ITIL® salary will vary upon the different areas of expertise, an experience in the field of ITIL® application will definitely be an advantage to anyone.

If you are applying as ITIL® project manager, you should know and understand the needs of the clients and the business as well. Developing IT processes and strategies, handling projects and managing the approval of process in IT are just some of the major responsibilities of a project manager in ITIL®. 

Certification plays a great part in Information Technology especially in ITIL®. This could affect your capability and your value ITIL® job market. ITIL® provides different certifications per training.  The most basic would be the ITIL® Foundation Certificate followed by the ITIL® Practitioner Certificate and then by the ITIL® Manager Certificate. Additional certificates of the latest ITIL® v3 are now also being offered which could further increase your market value. 

Some companies provide a very competitive tax free salary, paid holidays, healthcare provision, accommodation and perks such as free laptop and cell phone. Companies can provide big bonus if you qualify for their needs.  The salary for ITIL® Project Manager is roughly around 000 to 000 in the UK and between $80,000 and $90,000 in the US. This is the going rate for ITIL® managers who have a proven track record in handling, monitoring, and implementing IT service management projects. 

Security can either make or break a companys reputation. If taken seriously, rest assured that the customers will feel at ease in providing confidential data, which means continued business. This also applies to company rules and policies, as only authorized users are granted access to such top secret information. But then if security is taken for granted, it also means a threat to the company. Leaving relevant information unsafe to possible fictitious and fraudulent sources will result to a lot of filing of law suit cases due to security glitches, leaving the company at its lowest point. This is the reason why a lot of preventive measures were adapted to increase the level of security within the organization. In information technology, ITIL® Security Management is the answer.

ITIL® Security Management is intended to make sure that the security aspects of services are provided at a certain level that is both agreed by the service provider and the customer. It provides a common and well-understood concept to both parties in such a way that they will have a better understanding of the reasons behind the needed security policies and procedures.

Based on the Code of practice for information security management (ISO/IEC 17799), ITIL® Security Management is divided into two parts. First is the realization of the security requirements as written in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and other external requirements that are specified in other contracts or policies. Second is the realization of a basic level of security to guarantee the continuity of the organization and reach a simplified level of Service Level Management for information security.

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