• Number/percentage of services covered by SLAs
  • Number/percentage of SLAs supported by UCs and OLAs
  • Number/percentage of service targets being met

Yes/Why Questions:

  • Are service level achievements improving?
  • Are customer perception statistics improving?
  • Are IT costs for service provisions decreasing for services with stable (acceptable but not improving) Service Level Achievements?

Implementing effective and efficient Service Level Management should produce a “Yes” answer to each of the above questions.

If the answer is No:

If the answer is “No” to any of these questions, the very next question that should be asked is “Why?”

From this we can investigate where the process is deficient and begin a plan for improvement. Communicating this to the business also gives them a better understanding of the complexity of providing the services and more importantly allows the business to be actively involved with assessing the costs, risks and plausibility of what will be needed in order to bridge the gap.