ITIL® Standards

The complete regulation of ITIL® standards are done by the OGC (Office of Government of Commerce) with which the accreditation of ITIL® lies. The OGC works closely with the BSI and ITSMF in rewriting the ITIL® books. The content has to be produced under the framework of these standards.

In this functional framework of ITIL® standards, some of the major standards are BSI Management Overview (PD0005), BS15000-1 (it is specific to the area of service management) and BS15000-2 (confined to the code of practices in service management). The ITIL® series also forms the part of the same logical structure.

All the practices and application (or writing of the books) has to be addressed within the standard of BS15000 otherwise known as ISO 20000. All the standards are further divided in separate sections to facilitate the application of the processes in the best possible manner.

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