What are ITIL® templates? Basically, these are your easy-to-understand references when it comes to Information Technology Infrastructure Library implementation. If your organization is complying with the ITIL® guidelines, then you will find that ITIL® templates to be beneficial. First, the people who will benefit from using ITIL® templates include the following: employees who are dealing with the creation and customization of your company’s Service Level Agreement; those who are in charge of service catalogs; and the managers who are implementing any changes in the company’s business processes.

The Internet is your best source for ITIL® templates. When you go to a website which has an entire list of ITIL® templates, you can look for templates under different categories like configuration management, incident management, change management, service level management, service desk, IT financial management and a lot more. If you choose ‘Configuration Management’, for example, you will see a list of questions to ask your company’s management before implementing any changes in your business process. If you choose ‘Change Management’, there may be a checklist or a ready-made flow chart that you can follow. However, you need to remember that ready-made ITIL® templates need to be analyzed to determine whether they will achieve the same goals that you have as a company. As long as you keep in mind that ITIL® templates need to be revised to fit your needs as a company, then you can definitely make use of them in order to save time, energy and company resources while effectively implementing ITIL® standards at the same time.

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