ITIL® Templates

In a very simple sense, ITIL® templates are an alternative source of ITIL® information. People who are responsible for creating and customizing Service Level Agreement, Forward Schedules of Change and Service Catalogs often seek ITIL® documentation templates.

ITIL® templates have only one demerit, they tend to deviate the thinking of the reader away from the focus on core ITIL®. To derive maximum benefit from ITIL®, it is necessary to implement it according to your own requirements. People fail to understand this with ITIL® templates.

ITIL® templates are work done by others, adapting them is not cheating but time saving. However, remember that the practices successful in other companies may fail in your company. Therefore, proper research before implementation is very essential. There  are many sources of ITIL® templates and the websites are considered to be the best.  

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