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The Complete ITIL Survival Toolkit Set The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) was developed due to the simple fact that organizations were growing increasingly dependant on the provision of Information Technology (IT) products and services.

The provision of such IT products and services has evolved dramatically over time.

We have seen IT provision move from a ”sense of admiration” to one where the quality of IT provision is now expected to be consistently high.

We have seen the social standing of the IT professional move towards a main stream path and they are now treated as equals to other service areas within the organization.

With this move towards commonplace acceptance there has been a direct downward relationship in the level of tolerance from customers and end users regarding the quality of IT provision.

As the need increases for higher IT quality – quality that is truly reflective of business needs (irrespective of the size of the organization), so too there is a need for providing IT services that are economical, aligned to business needs and at an acceptable level of consistency.

This journey led to the development of ITIL.

ITIL does not profess to be the entire answer to the larger scale issues of IT Service Management.

For example, ITIL is not an IT Project Management methodology.

It is however, a framework for IT managers and all IT professionals to use as a common base for building effective and efficient Service Management processes.

The development of ITIL has been so well managed that it is also an ideal strategy for organizations that have or are seeking ISO quality accreditation.

These comments preface the introduction of “ HYPERLINK “” itilsurvival”.

Introduction to itilsurvival The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the global (defacto) standard for IT Service Management.

ITIL was not designed as a prescriptive framework.

The framework does provide some basic template information and a wealth of input, output, benefit, etc.

information for each of the 10 processes and the function of the Service Desk.

At HYPERLINK “” itilsurvival we provide enhanced templates, presentations and documents that are based on ITIL.

None of the material is copied from the ITIL source, as this information is copyright protected.

However, the framewok can be used as the basis for designing a process within an organization.

This is the purpose of HYPERLINK “” itilsurvival.

To provide a head start, to provide an answer to the “where do I begin” question.

Itilsurvival offers process kits that: Flow logically, Are scalable, Provides templates and documents, Saves you time.

There is one question that we like to answer before we are asked.

Is there a lot of repetition amongst each of the process kits? To answer the question we have to understand that ITIL is a set of processes developed along similar lines.

So if you purchase multiple kits you will get a consistency in the look and feel of each, but the core information will reflect the process kit that you purchase.

Each itilsurvival process kit has been constructed along the following category lines.

Planning/Implementation: Use documents in these colors to help with the actual “installation” of your process.

Document templates are a key component of this section.

Promotion; documents designed to help you take the message of this process to the people that matter.

Assessment; to help map out the current maturity for the process in question.

Operations; there can be no forward motion with regard to process implementation without a degree of administration.

Thank you for taking the time to review this overview.

We look forward to seeing you at HYPERLINK “” soon.

The ITIL Survival Product Development and Marketing team Page PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 3 © itilsurvival ‘All of the information in this document is subject to copyright.

No part of this document may in any form or by any means (whether electronic or mechanical or otherwise) be copied, reproduced, transmitted or provided to any other person without the prior written permission of itilsurvival.

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