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Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 \h 227 your job: Managing IT : What is ITIL? PAGEREF _Toc221085888 \h 240 Reasons for implementation PAGEREF _Toc221085889 \h 243 Implementing ITIL PAGEREF _Toc221085890 \h 246 Implementation of Service Strategy PAGEREF _Toc221085891 \h 248 Implementing Service Design PAGEREF _Toc221085892 \h 254 Implementing Service Transition PAGEREF _Toc221085893 \h 265 Implementing Service Operation PAGEREF _Toc221085894 \h 272 Implementation of CSI PAGEREF _Toc221085895 \h 286 Case Studies PAGEREF _Toc221085896 \h 295 The IT Service Management ITIL V3 BENCHMARK CHECKLIST PAGEREF _Toc221085897 \h 299 Service Strategy – The Practice of Service Management PAGEREF _Toc221085898 \h 299 Service Design – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085899 \h 315 Service Transition – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085900 \h 337 Service Operation – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085901 \h 354 Continual Service Improvement- Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085902 \h 376 CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc221085903 \h 389 ACT Like a spider to find hidden jobs One of the major tasks job counselors have is teaching job seekers how to look for jobs.

Job seekers sometimes find this a frustrating task because, as Department of Labor statistics show, 70-85 percent of jobs are not advertised.

They lie in what is called the hidden job market. Many of the best paying jobs are found in the hidden job market also.

I hear job seekers frequently ask, if the best jobs are not advertised, how do I find them? The advice I always give is to simply act like a spider. Instead of exhausting themselves by chasing insects around all day, our creepy crawly friends build webs and let the insects come to them.

In much the same way that spiders use webs to capture their next meal, you, as a job seeker, can build a job network to capture jobs.

Build your network just like a spider weaves his web, ie, tightly woven in the center, then gradually expanding in ever-larger concentric circles. This means that you begin with a small circle of people closest to you (relatives, close friends) and gradually add circles of people not as close (acquaintances, classmates, the postman, etc.).

Everyone that you come into contact with (the mechanic who works on your car, your children’s babysitter, etc.) can be a potential networker for you.

When asking someone to be in your network, you should tell them four things: — What services and agencies can help you get How will these services and agencies help you a job? with this job? _____________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ YOUR JOB: MANAGING IT : WHAT IS ITIL? Since its inception in the late 1980’s ITIL® has been the framework of choice for many IT organisations across the world.

In fact, it has been so popular that ITIL certification is a stated requirement in most Job Advertisements for IT related roles and the framework is taught at Universities as part of their Post-graduate and MBA programs.

As a result of industry involvement and the rapidly growing maturity of the IT industry at large, ITIL is now in its 3rd version.? The ITIL V3 framework consists of a library of books that cover the 5 phases of the Service Lifecycle: Book title Content – main focus of this phase in the lifecycle Service Strategy Discusses the reason WHY the IT service is needed, and to what extent the service would be needed by the customers. Service Design Design consideration and Quality criteria for the Service that is to be created AND the environment that is required to support the service to the customer’s needs. Service Transition Control and risk mitigation strategies while the new – or changed – service is moved into the Production environment. Service Operations Activities and departments that are needed to support the IT Services on an ongoing basis to the standards that have been agreed upon with the customer. Continual Service Improvement Methodologies for the ongoing improvement of the services, the IT environment and its processes. One important thing to remember is that ITIL is a FRAMEWORK, it is not a prescriptive set of checklists, nor is it a standard.

The ITIL books provide the reader with guidelines on what is generally considered to be good practice (based on 20+ years of experience). — The Sate Revenue office of Victoria (AUS) started an ITIL implementation project when they decided to in-source their IT Services.

SRO has approx. 450 staff, and the ITIL implementation project happened between May 2003 and June 2005. Some of the benefits stated are: Documented IT policies and procedures to an external standard (AS8018) Greater visibility of changes Better reporting Better maintenance of in-sourced environment leading to on-going cost savings and reduced risk THE IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT ITIL V3 BENCHMARK CHECKLIST Here you will find a checklist of ALL activities any IT environment performs or needs to perform in Service Strategy, Design, transition, Operation and improvement. Many of which touch your role direct – and even more of those can be used by YOU to help grow your organization by pointing out their necessity and benefits.

Go through this checklist, check of the ones you and your organization are not doing yet – and prioritize them. SERVICE STRATEGY – THE PRACTICE OF SERVICE MANAGEMENT 1.

Service Management is clearly defined 2.

We know what our services are 3.

We have decided upon a strategy to serve our customers 4.

We know which services we should offer to whom 5.

We know how we differentiate ourselves from competing alternatives 6.

We know how we truly create value for our customers 7.

We know how we capture value for our stakeholders 8.

We know how we can make a case for strategic investments 9.

Financial management provides visibility and control over value-creation 10.

We have defined service quality 11.

We know how to choose between different paths for improving service quality 12.

We know how to efficiently allocate resources across a portfolio of services

Read more about ITIL V3 : Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 h….:

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and ITIL V3 : Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 h….

ITIL - ITIL V3 : Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 h….

ITIL and ITIL V3 : Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 h….

ITIL - ITIL V3 : Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 h….

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