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What is ITIL, you may ask? On this page I will not discuss the history of ITIL, but rather, succinctly describe what ITIL is. Moving from a Technical Focus to a Service Focus Easy to say, a lot harder to actually achieve.

The Critical part of this is that the IT organizations need to recognize is that it is no longer satisfactory to manage technology.

These organizations must change their attitude so their primary focus is on the management of services.

To some, this statement may seem simplistic; the implications affect the very foundation of how IT service organizations operate. On to ITIL! All the service delivery and support processes, from the Service desk to Service Level Management, inter-relate to provide a seamless flow of information that helps ensure ongoing service quality.

ITIL does define the objectives and activities, and the input and output of each process. What it does not do is provide a specific description of how these activities should be implemented, because this will be different in every organization! ITIL is not a methodology it is a framework provided out of best practice. What is ITIL? – Best Approach The logical best approach here is to offer a framework for planning the most common processes, roles, and activities, identifying the connections and the necessary lines of communication. What is ITIL? – Quality Approach ITIL is based on the need to supply high-quality services with an emphasis on customer relationships.

The IT organization will have to fulfill the agreements with the customer, which means maintaining good relationships with customers and suppliers.

The ITIL philosophy is also based on quality systems, including the ISO-9000 series and Total Quality frameworks, such as that of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). ITIL supports such quality systems with a clear description of the processes and best practices in ITSM. What is ITIL? – Open Relationship The ITIL framework encourages an open relationship where the IT service organization implicitly understands the tactical and strategic objectives of the company.

This results in increased morale, job satisfaction, and, ultimately, efficiency and effectiveness. What is ITIL? –Customer Focus A Customer-focused framework that targets increased service quality.

Now what I am truly describing, some may think is Utopian.

This actually works because we are now involving the customer in the process to the extent where we are finally asking the right questions.

Things like Why? What? And How? What is ITIL? – Insight I’ll give you a fraction more insight – Question to Customer, “Why do you want an email service?’ You are probably thinking well, we already ask that.

My Why is a lot different, you see my why (which I state clearly to the Customer) is focused on truly understanding the strategic and tactical business needs and processes that the Customer is focused on which led them to ask for email.

Now finally if I do truly understand the business view I am then far more likely to be able to provide the technical solution which meets that requirement. What is ITIL? The way forward!

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and ITIL : What is ITIL you may ask On this page I….

ITIL - ITIL : What is ITIL you may ask On this page I….

ITIL and ITIL : What is ITIL you may ask On this page I….

ITIL - ITIL : What is ITIL you may ask On this page I….

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