Managing Cloud Services

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Keys to Success in Cloud Computing

The widespread adoption of cloud computing has allowed for more scalable and flexible computing and service delivery, while adding new layers of complexity for IT departments.

With this dynamic environment and increased rate of change, effective service management is needed to continue to deliver services in a consistent manner.

At this thought leadership summit, industry leaders will present innovative thoughts on the impact of cloud computing on IT Service Management.

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Ivanka Menken is an accomplished speaker and writer whose books, blog and irrepressible charisma and expertise have helped her create a large following around the world.

Ivanka is the author of close to one hundred books on IT Management, Service Management and Cloud Computing, including several which have appeared on Amazon bestseller lists.

Her innovative ideas and products have changed the way people think about IT Management, Service Management and Cloud Computing.

Ivanka Menken is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of The Art of Service, a fast-growing IT Service Management education company based in Brisbane, Australia.

Ivanka and her team are in demand to provide comprehensive IT training from Canberra to Bahrain, New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro.

In her spare time, Ivanka loves to travel internationally, contribute to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), spend time with her nine-year-old son and compete in Dressage competitions with her horse, Ovitz.

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