Be accountable for using your programming knowledge, you make appropriate changes, revisions, repairs, and updates to programs as instructed in order to ensure the desired results are produced.

More Uses of the Job Costing Toolkit:

  • Support the development of engineering standards, procedures and procedures for review by departmental management.
  • Ensure your organization maintains constant communication with project managers and foreman on all open issues.
  • Direct: research information to provide accurate and timely solutions to internal clients and vendors, resolve disputes and escalate when necessary.
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge or process and seek more feedback from the team to find a best path forward.
  • Confirm your organization provides excellence in the management and delivery of the project, in line with the clients expectations.
  • Guide: once a job is sold into design, take drawings from design and estimate the project from start to finish.
  • Guide: function as organization contact on technical items related to assigned projects under fabrication and quality verification.
  • Promote a team approach and maintain dialogue with all employees to exchange information and gather ideas.
  • Manage time effectively, multi task and prioritize in order to meet established goals and deadlines.
  • Participate with other groups to develop action plans to reduce operating expense through facility replacement, modernization, bulk recovery and records correction.
  • Ensure your organization leads and support IT team in technical, quality and safety, utilizing systems in place.
  • Promote, execute and adhere to your organizations safety program, and encourage all employees, to adopt safety as a culture.
  • Ensure you lead the team members to who want to push themselves beyond the personal limits, to earn money and recognition.
  • Organize and coordinate operations in ways that ensure maximum productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Devise: monitor all project costs and identify any scope of supply changes affecting project cost.
  • Warrant that your organization prepares schematic designs, space planning, product pricing, finish schemes, installation drawings, and as built drawings.
  • Oversee: for complex projects, dig into greater detail on historical data to gain more accurate ballpark pricing.
  • Confirm your organization ensures understanding and compliance with financial and accounting policies, internal control procedures and practices.
  • Pilot: value people support each other in a safe, positive environment where people are recognized and appreciated for contributions.
  • Ensure you build rapport and maintain Customer Satisfaction during the buying/building process.
  • Be accountable for ensuring the efficiency of business operations and setting strategic goals for the future.
  • Provide detailed design for distribution facilities (feeder and distribution) to meet service demands and conduct Job Costing activities.
  • Support design verification activities and lead Design driven Model review.
  • Assure your organization supports the project engineer in budget and schedule preparation prior to commencement of the project.


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