In the advent of many changes being implemented on the Drupal program, as well as the current release of the latest of these programs, there are many people asking as to how could a proper migration from Joomla to Drupal be done.
Of course, there are many reasons for such migration and they could range from the seriousness of wanting to have a program that is user-friendly in use and installation and to the frivolity of just wanting to try something different.
Of course this shouldn’t be the case, but there are people doing it so there might as well be a discussion about it, and there are in fact forums about it in the Internet, especially in Drupal’s website.
And as the topic is centered on both Drupal and Joomla, its always best to categorically see which is better than the other before initiating any migration of such.
Joomla is known to be able to support only one section and category for a single content, but Drupal could do this in multiple numbers in terms of sections and categories, which provides a whole lot of flexibility and not much limitations.
Of course, forums are important and Drupal has a built-in forum, which is better than Joomla in matters of usage as the owner of the website is one who must create the forum.
In this, Drupal is obviously superior as there’s already a forum in place and there is no longer a need to install any additional modules needed by the forum, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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