What is ISO 9001-2001? Many people are not really aware about this; and that makes them not aware on the opportunities that might be available for them just by knowing this term thoroughly. To get an overview about the ISO 9001 2001, it will help to answer this question first: What is ISO? Knowing the answer for this is like finding the key to open the door of opportunity and see how a business can effectively have a continuous progress.

The term ISO basically mean as International Organization for Standardization. As the name implies, this is an internationally agreed standard used as an instrument for excellent management and continuous improvement on businesses. So now, what is ISO 9001 2001 all about? The ISO 9001-2001 was purposely designed to carry-out a drive for constant improvement toward excellent service provision. Also, this draws the need in measuring the internal processes and look for its improvement constantly. Continuous improvement is of course the most important goal for excellence.

That was just an overview though. One can learn more about the ISO 9001-2001 profoundly by taking an online interactive web course. There are actually a lot of online courses one can choose from. Usually by taking this course, a person is expected to acquire the following: understand the philosophy, model, and the advantages of an excellent management system based on the ISO 9001-2001; know the purpose and objective of the ISO 9001 2001 sequence of standards; understand the advantages of ISO 9001 2001 certification.

Consequently, after finishing the course and passing all the given assessment, one will get a certificate as a proof of successful completion. But more importantly, one will get all the needed knowledge to step that path to success.

For a company to be truly ISO 9001 certified, an auditing procedure must be in order. To start off, an internal audit checklist is needed to see which areas are needed to be checked. This internal audit checklist must definitely be specified. It should be able to define the criteria it is being checked against. And to be more specified, the audit checklist will also check the procedures of ISO 9001 as well as any type of industry specific regulations and the different contractual requirements. If you want things to go smoothly, do make it a point to read all the relevant documentation, this will come prior to the audit itself. The checklist must also contain the different key aspects that are part and parcel of all the things you would like to monitor in all areas of your organization.

Keep in mind though that you also need to maintain a sense of flexibility in the checklist, as it also only serves as an aid and hence can be modified as you see fit. Of course, it must also be comprehensive enough to ensure that the entire sequence as well as all the types of process interactions are covered and given their own merits. An audit checklist may also be good for an entire year, as the normal practice is to conduct an audit of all the procedures annually. If any changes have been made organization process-wise, then such items may be put off until the following year when the new round of auditing begins.

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