One critical concept in enterprise architecture would be the types of enterprise architecture models and documents that can be used in order for your organization to come up with the best types of results. While such do not need to be perfect in every sense of the word, it will still nonetheless need to be able to surpass a certain established benchmark to be worthy of utilization.

The important thing in enterprise architecture models is that one must definitely never assume to be able to produce perfect artifacts, as our human limitations get in the way of accomplishing such an arduous task. In addition, spending so much time perfecting an artifact in an enterprise architecture model will probably render it out of date the day it gets to be published, especially since there is a high chance of something that is within your technical or business environment that will commit some form of change that will most likely be unsuited to your creation of an artifact. If you strive to keep your enterprise architecture models  artifacts in a more simpler manner, you get to increase the chance that your entire audience will be able to understand, appreciate and utilize them. In addition, even the people in your team will be able to read and apply them and they will be kept up to date easily as a result. An enterprise architecture model that has documents that go over the top when it comes to detail will probably look impressive, but will serve very little purpose in implementation.

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