Ready to use prioritized Key Risk Indicator requirements, to:

Facilitate the identification and collection of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) to enable the measurement of information systems control performance in meeting business objectives. .


    • Ensure that your organization has covered at least the key risk analysis needed to mitigate risk effectively.
    • Foresee your use of key risk management products evolve in the next two years.
    • Identify and manage the key risks which could have the greatest impact on your organization and optimize your allocation of resources accordingly.
    • Make sure that a project will have positive health and safety outcomes.
    • Monitor your key risk where no limit has been set.
    • Decide what information you want to monitor and what metrics will be useful.
    • Prevent the risk management function from devolving into a control testing function.
    • Take your Risk Management Program to the next level.
    • Align operational risk management with enterprise risk management.
    • Manage metadata for key enterprise data assets.

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