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If you are interested in getting a European license in computer driving, websites are available to help you in knowing more about European Computer Driving License (ECDL).  Engine search can be done using the command ‘ecdl’.

These websites provide an overview of what ECDL is all about and the benefits of taking an ECDL exam.  They provide readers an idea of the type of exam to be given.  The websites provide guides for candidates.  An example is on information about taking the ECDL exam.  The ECDL exam is broken into seven modules and prospective candidates may take the modules in any order and over any period of up to three years or at one sitting.   The seven modules consist of exam on the basic concepts of IT, using the computer and managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation, and information and communication.  These websites provide sample test papers for candidates to practice their skills.

In as much as the ECDL certification is given to 148 countries, the websites provide links to candidates to look for the nearest learning centre in their area.  The testing centre will inform candidates the time to come and register and the fee it would cost for the training.  Candidates are also advised as to how the ECDL class is ran in terms of the days and hours. 

If you are a candidate who prefers to study on your own, available materials are also listed on the websites.  Frequently Asked Questions are also available for readers. The allows prospective candidates the idea of what is ECDL and how the examination goes to obtain a certification.  Take a visit and learn more.


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