Still several people today are wondering on how to search engine optimization in reality. In essence, individuals are aware on the function of the search engine optimization, which is to ensure that the Web pages are reachable to search engines and are centered in means of improving their chances to be found. In actual however, putting forward to search engines is only a piece of the real challenge of acquiring good positioning in the search engine. Some are still unaware that preparing a website through search engine optimization is equally important.

Now, for the benefit of those who do not know the ways on how to search engine optimization in the actual sense; the following discussion offers the explanation:

Individuals were able to search through the use of search engine optimization in two ways, and they are called: crawler-based search engines; and human powered directories. The former produce their listings automatically, example of this is Google. They “spider” the web until the searcher found what he is looking for. The latter on the other hand, rely on human for its listings. Here, a short description is entered into the directory of the site. Then, a searcher can find results only if there are matches on the description. In the contemporary days however, both ways are commonly utilized to present the result.

Essentially, the crawler-based engines are composed of three elements. First is the “spider” or the “crawler.” This is responsible in visiting the web page, reading it, and then following the links. Second is the index, this contains a copy of all web pages that is searched by the spiders. Third is search engine software, this program examines the millions of pages documented in the index to search for matches.

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