Knowledge Management should be the ideal way of life for companies and organizations. It is the proper way of handling and using data. The information age has brought numerous data and information creating problems to companies. But information age has also brought information technology to its midst. Knowledge management IT is the way of the future. Before capturing and storing data is both bulky and problematic. Today, however, knowledge management IT uses electronic databases, multi-media presentation and audio and video recordings as tools to capture and disseminate information. The main problem is that these are not available to all countries.

Only those countries who can afford to buy these tools or those who can create their own can access knowledge management IT. Although large amounts of data can be stored and processed now, the main problems, which are people-based, still exist. An individual who carries information may not necessarily share his ideas to others. Even if a person is willing to share his ideas, there are still people who will not readily believe and take such information. Nevertheless, knowledge management IT is still instrumental in transferring information faster. The World Wide Web is very popular in providing ready materials to users. Another problem in knowledge management IT is the way it is being used by organizations.

There is always the risk that knowledge management programs become only some information system that provides data. Knowledge management is simplified when it should be an inter-relationship of giving and receiving data. Companies should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of running a knowledge management IT. Knowing them can spell a big difference between failing and winning.

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