With knowledge management gaining more acceptance, more and more companies are noticing it and many are thinking of implementing it. Well, businesses have the incentive to implement knowledge management. With an appropriate system in place learning would be shared quite easily. Experiences would be shared as well. Also, with a good knowledge database product and service innovation is facilitated. All of these would help spell for a better customer satisfaction and better company productivity and of course, competitiveness.

As many companies implement knowledge management there would also be more demand for knowledge management professionals. And because the field of knowledge management is quite specialized especially when the implementation is very technology focused, there is truly a need for highly specialized skills. This would normally mean that compensation for the people possessing such skills are high compared to other fields. This then would motivate people who are interested in this field to really specialize and to be more competitive in their line of work. This would then push them to gain not just experience but to gain special skills by doing further academic studies such as knowledge management PhD.

A knowledge management PhD program as the name suggests is all about the study on knowledge management and even learning management. It would cover IT systems management, policies and regulations, and personnel management as well. It would enable people undergoing such program to be more prepared to help companies realize their goals through knowledge management implementation. And the program would also help individuals to be well equipped and knowledgeable information resource managers.

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