Many graduate business schools and MBA programs encourage their students to formulate new knowledge management thesis. The drive to explore new concepts and propositions about knowledge management yielded several exemplary intellectual works on the subject. A search of master’s and doctorate thesis on knowledge management will certainly produce numerous results. That’s because the area of knowledge management does not only attract practitioners but also those that try to debunk its concepts and theories.

Companies can use these theses as new framework for their KM implementation. The works of graduate students contain important conceptual and technical innovations which could certainly enhance the practice of knowledge management. Usually, KM thesis can be found on the websites of business schools that provide a list of their approved and published intellectual works.

Specifically, new ideas have been put forward by KM theses redefining the nature of business organization. Some unique propositions include the categorization of enterprises as important human community where knowledge is created and should be shared to further its development. This proposition runs counter to traditional view of command and control vis a vis human interaction in business organizations. Old concepts only accept top to bottom management systems as well as information flow and control. This view is constantly being challenged by new KM concepts of enterprise wide interaction and knowledge sharing. Business concepts innovations such as this are important additions to the whole body of knowledge of modern management practices. It will certainly enrich not just the KM practice but also other theories in business and management.

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