Knowledge management university courses are being offered by top business schools and institution. Some universities incorporate knowledge management in their general curriculum while other institutions offer more specific studies of KM theories and practice.

In the undergraduate level, the study of knowledge management principle is more generalized. KM courses in this level usually include concepts, general principles, ontology, and best practices. These will give students a brief overview of knowledge management obviously in preparation for higher studies.

Graduate studies of knowledge management offer more specialized courses. Comprehensive studies of theories and practice of KM are discussed and usually is a major part of the curriculum. It could be categorized under Management Practices and concepts are more thoroughly elaborated.

There are also online university business degrees that offer knowledge management courses. The course outline usually follows the traditional educational system. Full online studies of knowledge management are ideal for working professionals who cannot find time to study in a classroom setting.

Finally, there are formal trainings and certifications courses specifically designed for knowledge management professionals. In fact, this type of study is generally recommended for practicing KM professionals in order to enrich their theoretical foundation. These online trainings are provided by KM training centers. The training is a prerequisite in order for mangers to be certified as KM professionals.

Knowledge management studies are important in order to enhance the skills of managers. The concepts and principles learned can then be applied to actual practices in order to improve the performance of enterprises and organizations.

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