The laboratory information management system is a computer software used in managing samples, the standards, the users and all other functions utilized in the laboratory. The laboratory information management system is primarily focused on research for commercial purposes such as those conducted by pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

With laboratory information management system the whole process is actually held at the workplace and away from the office. The instruments utilized in research are actually integrated into the network. Instructions and the list of tasks are received there and it gets back with the results and also the raw data. It would be up to the laboratory information management system to update the information repository and make it available to other systems like the manufacturing execution system or the enterprise resource planning application. Then with instruments and electronic lab notebooks connected to the laboratory information management system, lab personnel are able to work seamlessly in the laboratory. They are able to calculate and document results right there in one place and they are also able to review the results after.

On the other hand, management is able to view the research results at their end. They are able to react appropriately and timely in accordance to the information made available to them.  They will be able to ensure that the workflow goes smoothly and regulations are met as well.

Other departments can also request certain work to be done or follow up on previous work requests. And they can view relevant historical analytical results and documentations as well.

Because of laboratory information management system, all of these things are made possible. Work at the laboratory is facilitated. It’s made faster and more efficient. And most importantly, information is communicated so the company is able to make wise decisions and make itself successful.

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