At these present times, most of the things are bought and sold over the internet.  Marketers sell their products online and buyers purchased items online as well.  Marketers saves money on big advertisement costs through online marketing and buyers do not have to dress up in going to the store, spend gas and look for the item that they need.  Product information is all provided over the marketer’s website.

As a customer looks for an item, he either clicks on an advertisement or do a search engine result link.  The page that appears is known as the landing page.  Landing page is also called as lead capture page.  The page displays content which is a logical extension of the advertisement or link, and is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines.

Landing pages are of two types:

1. Reference Landing Page – provides information that is relevant to the visitor.  The page displays text, images, dynamic compilations of relevant links, or other elements.   Associations, organizations or public service entities are the ones who makes used of reference landing page. The effectiveness of the page is measured by the revenue value of the advertising that is displayed on them.

2. Transactional Landing Page – this page tries to ask visitors of the site to complete a transaction like filling out a form or interacting with advertisements or other objects on the landing page, with the objective end of having an immediate or eventual sale of a product or service. The captured information such as email address, name an telephone number are used as a capture lead and are added to the marketer’s prospective buyers mailing list.

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