Gaining the higher conversion rate you want is possible as long as you follow a disciplined action plan that is based on scientific approach. So, to increase the landing page conversion rate of your website you must comprehend the following guidelines and you will be placed on the position you are aiming to acquire.

1.    Comprehend, understand, and realize you business objectives. To be more specific, you have to have a clear-cut view of the conversion action of your website and the end-results which is the dollar value. To be able to comprehend the economic undertaking of your landing page you have to quantify the profit of the conversion value. You can employ the conversion improvement profit calculator as a tool.
2.     Come up with what part of your website would you want to test. Your landing page parts have critical positions when it comes to conversion actions. So, you have to decompose your pages and single out the component that you want to include for testing.
3.    Choose your tuning method from among the usual methods that comprise A-B Split Testing, Taguchi Method/Multivariate Testing, and SiteTuners Tunging Engine.
4.    Do not stop innovating your landing page. Create new designs or other copywriting materials, graphical elements that will serve as backup for your present design. Innovation should never stop since this will lead you to an increased conversion rate as well.
5.    Be aware of your target audience and get the visitors that can possibly build a good relationship with your business. You can install some tracking software to know what part of your landing pages gets more attention or click from your visitors. You can hire employ very good web analytic packages to support your action plan.
6.    Finally you should be able to collect the data and do an analysis of it. Every data that is gathered should be based on conversion actions. Once you were able to gather the data you have to do verification so that you can predict higher conversion rate in the future.

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