In Internet marketing, creating landing pages is a very important concept that should be planned carefully. If not, the company will certainly spend on useless investments. There will be no return of any money they put on landing page if this was created ineffectively. That is why there are many companies offering landing page optimization. But for companies planning to create their own landing page, there are available landing page guidelines to follow, especially on designing.

Designing a certain landing page is not only to make the page look good and attractive. This involves the objective to entice visitors to purchase products and services or to make them interested for future purchase. That is why it is important that the landing page should be created with careful planning. Good thing there are design guidelines for landing page.

Some guideline on designing landing pages say that integrating the whole sales cycle of the company and simplifying the page will help a lot for better sales. Some guidelines say that providing an ad extension should also be done to have better landing page while other guidelines suggest offering options for a variety of audiences. This will make the landing page better and more productive since it may cover wider audience. Many guidelines say calling for a clear action is a great way to make the landing page more effective. Other guidelines say that relating the visitors to the products and services through the landing page also helps for better sales.

For companies in need of better landing page guidelines, the Internet is a great source to begin reading. However, reading guidelines is not enough since experience also matters. Anyway, hiring professional help from companies is always a better choice than reading landing page guidelines.  

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