Change management occurs in large or small firms.  A slow
down in the business organization performance is a hint
that something is not right.  Whether in a large or small
firm industry, one way or the other the effect of the
problem will surely be felt.  The problem may be minimal
to large firms but big deal with small firm industries. 
When change management is implemented, the impact of
change may also differ to a certain degree, but
nevertheless change still needs to deal with and
managed well.

For firms that require delivery of product and services,
continuity management should always be made available. 
Business organization whether large or small would need
to have ready solutions to interruptions, if not tendency
of meeting the needs of clients would not be met.  The
continuity in the   production performance leads to the
attainment of large and small firms’ objective of
satisfying customers and same time achieving profits to
the firm.

Large firms may be capable of handling interruptions
due to its advanced technologies unlike small firms
where they manage to do with simple machines due to
limited resources. At this level, small l firms need
to be creative 

Regardless of the size of the firm, whether large or
small the effects of the change management should be
addressed immediately.

Tips that large or small firms should keep in mind
during change management implementation:

1. Identify the function, process or procedure
2. Identify the risk that may be relevant
3. Rate risks as to the probability of occurrence and impact results
4. Document or record activities should incurrence recur
5. Train staff that will respond to the risk
6. Review periodically the plan and test response as well as recovery procedures.

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