Be part of a team that applies its expertise and knowledge to develop, implement and maintain method and processes in the manufacture or fabrication of parts, components, sub assemblies and final assemblies.

  • Make sure that your strategy
  • Support the continued development of communication processes, tools and standard of work that support the Delivery of contractual obligations as related to Performance Partnership requirements.
  • Establish and drive procurement of material and services in alignment with business leadership for your business unit as per Annual Operating Plan and Strategic Plan.
  • Coordinate with resource planners, human resources leadership, operations leadership, and finance leadership on changes that impact forecasted headcount changes.
  • Confirm your project communicates identified gaps in process compliance to leadership and collaborate to support the development of corrective action plans.
  • Manage to investigate, analyze and recommend solutions to drive process improvements, quality improvements and cost improvements using Lean/Six Sigma principles.
  • Maintain a project portfolio database and site governance process to facilitate process improvement project portfolio management and prioritization.
  • Ensure you engineer; understand deliverables of the overall project and the relationships among and between deliverables, project deadlines and milestones, and the client organization.
  • Identify, recommend and implement opportunities for streamlining team and business processes to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
  • Warrant that your project
  • Assure your business promotes individual and organizational integrity by exhibiting ethical behavior to maintain high standards for your organization and its affiliates.
  • Establish that your strategy complies; directs and enhances organizational continuous improvement initiatives by positivity influencing and supporting change management and/or departmental initiatives.
  • Participate on projects and the development of solutions related to safety, process improvement, quality, capacity balance, workflow, planning, and logistics.
  • Be certain that your corporation coordinates the introduction of new product and part changes in area of responsibility, balancing work timing, processes and manpower requirements.
  • Adopt/lead your organization and customer oriented approach to delivering services and cost optimization while focusing on quality improvements.
  • Assure your corporation promotes manufacturing safety and efficiency through implementation of method/process change, ergonomic application and safety awareness.
  • Improve the performance of the field operations organization by creating innovative process improvement solutions and promoting the adoption of best practices and standard operating procedures.


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