Lean Warehouse Management
SAP Best Practices
Purpose and Key Process Steps
Lean Warehouse Management is used to have a picking document in the shipping process.
A picking document is printed when a delivery is created for a storage location which is assigned to a warehouse. This is done automatically. There is no need for a user to deal with transport orders from the warehouse management.
Key process flows covered
Print a picking document automatically when a delivery for a Warehouse Management relevant storage location is created.
Required SAP Applications and Company Roles
Required SAP Applications
Enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0
Company Roles
Warehouse Clerk
Detailed Process Description
The SAP Best Practices packages cover Lean Warehouse Management (Lean WM) functionalities for processing goods receipts and goods issues (inventory management takes place solely at storage location level not at storage bin level).
Using Lean WM, you process the warehouse movements in basically the same way as if using the Warehouse Management System: you work with deliveries, and you create transfer orders for these deliveries. These transfer orders serve as pick lists.
Detailed Process Description
Function list for Lean Warehouse Management configuration:
Create and Assign Warehouse
Define Control Parameters for Warehouse Number
Spool Parameters for Transfer Order Printing
Profile for Sorting during Transfer Order Print Processing
Transfer Order Print Indicators
Print Program per Warehouse Number
Define Number Ranges
Define Number Ranges for WM
Define Storage
Define Difference Indicators
Define Transfer Types
Define Movement Types
Assign Picking Locations Lean-WM
Create Output – Condition Records: Shipping
Process Flow Diagram
Lean Warehouse Management

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