One of the things that The Open Group Architecture Forum has done is to create a forum wherein customer and vendor organizations are able to exchange feedback and share their experiences in the use of TOGAF. 
They used these feedbacks and experiences as a tool in further enhancing the TOGAF version.  These feedbacks and experiences are normally presented through a case study.   Organizations should realize that experience of one does not necessarily mean will occur to another.  Each organization differs and must understand what TOGAF has to offer, and adopt and adapt the parts they find useful for their needs.

TOGAF case studies are believed to be very useful in guiding organizations should they intend to use TOGAF in the development of their enterprise IT architecture.  The TOGAF case studies form part of the TOGAF Version 8.1.1 2007 Edition.  It is included under the TOGAF Resource Base.  Some case studies are also available on The Open Group public website.  The formats of the case studies presentations vary.  It may be in descriptive text, or video presentation. 

The TOGAF case studies include the background of the enterprise, the existing environment, the reinstatement of the existing system applying the TOGAF terms and the Views, Constraints, and External Environments are discussed.

Nobody has the complete knowledge of everything.  No matter how expert you are in the field of enterprise architecture designing, you will definitely need the help of other organizations shared experiences.  It is through shared experiences and feedbacks that we learn and make room for changes.


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