How are as a person who visits a website?  Do you shop around for better websites from time to time?  Or do you usually bookmark a website that made you interested and repeatedly come back to this website from time to time?  Or do you not care at all and just rely on what the search engine gives you?

The reason for knowing your patterned behavior regarding how you access and visit a website is very critical for web owners who think about much on their web analysis results.  Web analytics have a way of knowing the status of the website based on the number of new visitors that a website is able to achieve and the number of repeated visitors that a website is able to maintain. These factors are such essential elements that are considered by a web analytics software.  

A repeat visitor is a person who visits the website in more than one attempt.  The gap that is recorded for every visit (meaning the current visit and the last visit) is usually being measured by the number of days.  This process of knowing the attempts is what we call the much recent visit.  A repeated visit no matter how web analytics view it remains a positively impacting activity on the side of the web owner and developer because it adds up to the generated traffic on the site.  Remember, ever click and every instance that the website is being opened regardless what the purpose may seem to be, that activity is still considered a traffic on the website.

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