Microsoft Company is not just a company that provides solutions to majority of Computing and Information Technology.  It is also a company that is aimed at empowering people on how they can resolve their own IT issues by themselves. This is the vision that Microsoft has had ever since the conception of the institution.  And in order to respond to the growing needs of the consumers, Microsoft has developed a widely and massively structured program that will enable people whose interest lies on Microsoft, to gain skills and eventually use these skills as an opportunity to equip himself better in the workforce sector.  

The Microsoft Certified Professional Program or the MCP is the general idea that is given to the broad perspective of certifying the skills of the people on any Microsoft product. This title is given to any person who was able to prove himself as a skilled Microsoft user with exemplary knowledge and technical know-how.  One of the widely followed courses of the Microsoft Certification Program is the Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional or commonly referred to as the MCITP.  

The  MCITP or Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional is sub-divided into many branch of disciplines. Every course that is designed under this umbrella is primarily structured to make the learner very much equipped with the following skills:

a.    How to respond to some of the organizational issues such as database control and management.  
b.    How to create and design database access and structure in order to optimize the usage of every database that the organization has.
c.    How to maintain and re-design the database structure to make it more tailored to the needs of the company.

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