In the advent of Internet and Information Technology, learning and gaining knowledge have been made Internet-based.  The trend continues to soar high and seemingly, it is unstoppable. Thus, the need to adapt with this kind of environment is deemed essentially needed. 

All things that we do are actually capable of being done via the Internet.  From buying your clothes to looking for your partners, everything is driven by the Internet.  One of the things that has been gaining wide acceptance is the Online European Computer Driving Licensing – a process for any person to gain computer knowledge and literacy and become certified at a certain point. 

The ECDL being conducted as a training-online process is foreseen to be more effective and far reaching considering the fact that most of its takers live in a very fast-paced environment where time is of great importance and value.  For this reason, having it online to learn rather than having it on a formal classroom setting can save more time, energy, and even money. 

Apart from the time that you can save to learn, the ECDL Online creates a different and far more interesting venue for learners to gain the knowledge that they need.  The Internet and the computer being the media to learn and understand have been seen effective tools to convey ideas because it can allow for multimedia to be utilized.  The drawback of the ECDL Online may still be present and felt; however, drawbacks are still there whether things are performed online or offline – they are, and will remain part of any mechanism. 

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