Google Earth Pro is probably one of the famous search maps that have landed the Internet so far. However, no matter how much great fame this Internet feature has attained, not a lot of people cared about knowing the fundamentals and basics of it.  In fact, when you ask Google  Earth Pro users about what features are they using in Google Earth, about 70% of them will only know a thing or two about its features.  

The Google Earth Pro gives people the capability to search locations in a very easy way and at most of the times in a lot faster manner.  Getting your site plans imported is done in just a matter of click and having them shared to your associates has never been a problem.  Above all, exporting captured images in high quality to a document or a website is capable of being done without too much complications.  

Unlike the other free Google Earth like Google Earth Plus, the Google Earth Pro has added features on it that are not visible on them.  However, the good thing about these 3 versions is that they are all containing the same type of imagery databases. This goes to say then that the level of image resolution and details and the satellite imagery’s age are similar and one.

With Google Earth Pro, you can expect a rather faster performance with a very simple process to undertake in using its movie maker feature, and your Geospatial Information System can maximize its potential using the Google Earth Pro’s data importer feature.  An lastly, the Google Earth Pro is providing both e-mail and chat technical support usually open in the Pacific Standard Time.

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