The Internet is said to be the perfect place to get and acquire knowledge.  Almost anything that you want to know is given answers by the Internet.  

A lot of web bloggers who have been very successful in their web logging careers have initially shaped their skills using the knowledge based articles that are found on the net.  More usual than not, the application software (like bloggers and WordPress) that these people use have an online help article that can help give answers to some of the questions that these people have.  The Internet is indeed the perfect avenue for anyone who is hungry with knowledge and expertise.  

The WordPress just like any other open source software has ready knowledge based help on the Internet that tries to help its users achieve perfection on their craft.  Ultimately, the WordPress help on the Internet is there to provide all the answers to the questions of the user.  

The online help of WordPress is being periodically updated and undergoes rigid maintenance in order to make sure that all help that is being provided to its users is current and up to date.  More importantly, the knowledge base that is being provided on the Internet is coming from the experts who have actual usage on the software and has delivered great results in terms of web log making.  And lastly, the articles that are being provided on the Internet are specifically designed to fit into the different levels of knowledge of its readers.  

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